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UnReal Web specializes in search engine optimization to improve visibility & increase traffic to your construction company’s website.


of online experiences begin with a search engine.


of people have judged a company's credibility based on its website design.

avg. monthly searches for the term construction companies

If You’re Not First, You’re Last.

If you want more sales from the web, you need to be on page one of the search engines because 75% of searchers never search beyond page one.

SEO For Construction Companies – Improve Organic Reach

Quality Leads

Leads generated from search have the highest probability to convert because they are actively searching for the construction services you provide. 


We handle all facets of your web marketing programs, including strategy, launch, analysis, and, management.

Brand Equity

When your domain appears organically on Page One, and ahead of your competition, it produces significant brand equity and trust as a market leader.


We have a proven track record of continuously delivering successful programs that are tangible and trackable.


Our clients typically experience a 150% return on their investment in our web marketing programs.

How We Grow Visibility in the Construction Market

Where Will You Rank On Local Searches?

Relevant Construction Search Term

Your site should appear for relevant construction searches by local searchers.

Pay-Per-Click Position

This represents the top page search position for your target keyword.

SEO Organic Position

This represents the top organic search position for your target keyword.

Google Local 3-Pack

Top 3 local results from relevant phrases (Construction Companies near me, Construction Business, etc.)

Rich Snippet

This represents additional information of value about your business.

SEO for Construction Companies

Our systematic approach to search will weighten your brand visibility & generate Page One rankings for your construction company during relevant local searches.

SEO Essentials Construction Companies Need to Achieve Online Success 


All of our designs incorporate best practices, ensuring an optimal user and search experience.


Strong structure ensures overall peak performance and search rankings.


Comprehensive keyword and market analysis provides intel for strategy and budget.


Content reassures your audience and search engines of your authority and relevancy in the marketplace.


Local Profiles

Actionable insights are derived from analytics that identifies site progress and necessary improvements.


Links reinstate the relevance and authority of your website within your target markets.

Page Credibility

Establishes the uniqueness and credibility of each page for visitors and search engines.


Essential to drive higher engagements, brand equity, search relevancy, and domain authority.

Our SEO Programs Will Attract New Clients to Your Construction Company 3 Ways: Designing a Modern Website, Increasing Your SEO Rankings & Optimizing Web Conversions.

We’ll Track Your SEO Results Every Step of the Way!

Gain Clarity Through Accurate Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting packages produce actionable insights that further inform our experts on the most appropriate and effective tactics.

Why is SEO for Construction Companies Important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for construction companies for several reasons:

  1. Increased Visibility: Most people looking for construction services start with a search engine like Google. SEO helps your company appear higher in search results, making potential clients more likely to find and click on your website.
  2. Competitive Advantage: The construction industry is competitive. Effective SEO can help your company stand out from competitors by ensuring that your website ranks higher than theirs in search results, leading to more traffic and potential business.
  3. Targeted Traffic: SEO allows you to target specific keywords related to your services and location. This means that the traffic coming to your site is more likely from individuals actively searching for your construction services, leading to higher conversion rates.
  4. Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to traditional advertising, SEO is a cost-effective way to market your business. Once your website ranks well for certain keywords, you do not need to pay for each visitor, unlike pay-per-click advertising.
  5. Builds Credibility and Trust: Users often perceive websites on the first page of search results as more trustworthy and credible. Investing in SEO can help build your brand’s reputation and authority in the industry.
  6. Long-Term Growth: SEO is not just a short-term strategy. It can lead to sustained online presence and growth over time. By consistently ranking high in search results, your construction company can enjoy long-term benefits, including steady traffic, lead generation, and brand recognition.

Those who want to hire a construction company typically search for keywords such as:

  • Construction companies near me
  • Best construction companies
  • Commercial construction companies
  • Residential construction companies
  • General contractors
  • Construction company reviews
  • Construction project bids
  • Construction services list
  • Construction company pricing
  • Eco-friendly construction companies

UnReal Web Marketing uses proven, comprehensive processes to improve your search engine rankings. To learn how our Construction Company SEO team can help your business grow through SEO, call (631) 743-9666 to speak with one of our experts.


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Successfully Servicing Construction Companies Since 1997

I hired UnReal Web Marketing 5 Years ago for our SEO. David and his team helped us get better Google local rankings and until this day, we are still showing on the top listings for the keywords we purchased. This company also developed 3 websites for us and they have done an “unreal” job.

Joey Zee

Unreal designed and optimized our site to achieve better rankings and increase our conversion ratios.Our rankings have improved dramatically. I did not realize how important it is to hire a company that knows SEO to develop your site.

Douglas Vairo

We were undertaking a large redevelopment of our website and noticed a dramatic change in traffic as a result, so we got in touch with David Montalvo from UnReal Web for a complete website site SEO audit and report to ensure our online visibility didn’t suffer.
The Unreal staff had no issues getting to know not only our business, but our industry as well. We’ve since implemented a number of changes as a direct result of the report. I would happily recommend Unreal Web. Their knowledge, efficiency and transparency were welcoming traits to work with.

Kitchen Monkey

SEO Packages for Construction Companies

SEO Features

Site Audit 
Keyword Research  10 search terms 25 search terms 50 search terms
Keyword Optimization  3 keywords 7 keywords 15 keywords
Internal Link Development  25 contextual links 35 contextual links 50 contextual links
Backlink Implementation  5 external links 10 external links 15 external links
Speed Optimization 
Content Development  1 press release (annually) 2 press releases (annually) 3 press releases (annually)
Content Optimization  up to 4 pages up to 10 pages up to 20 pages
National SEO Development 20 submissions 40 submissions 60 submissions
Social Advertising  N/A 20K  monthly impressions 50K  monthly impressions
Image Optimization  20 images 40 images 60 images
Meta Tags & Descriptions  10 25 50
Google Analytics Tracking Setup 
Report Package 
Pricing $1,999/month Custom Quote Custom Quote


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