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Immediately unleash the massive returns possible with expertly managed Pay-Per-Click programs.


Of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads in search.


Of global internet users are reached by ads.


Of marketers plan to add to their PPC budget.


Of users click on ads to help them find information.

Key Benefits Achieved Through UNREAL PPC Management


Pay-Per-Click programs generate high-quality visitors to your site immediately upon campaign launch.


Individuals actively searching for solutions you provide produce the highest quality conversion-ready leads possible. 


We handle all facets of your PPC program including analysis, set-up, testing, and management.


We have a proven track record of continuously delivering successful programs that are tangible and trackable.


Typical return on investment for our clients is 150%

How Does PPC Work?

The simple explanation is a person searches for something on Google, clicks the first thing they see which happens to be an ad, and the business to which the ad belongs is charged.

The more nuanced answer is a PPC expert performs keyword research to determine what searches and which campaign settings provide the most bang for your buck. Then as people search, potential customers click the ad that was curated specifically for them.

At UnReal, we take it a step further. We use the research, the data, and the expertise we’ve acquired to inform future decisions and scale as our client’s ROI does. We test ad verbiage, keywords, and more to improve performance continuously.

We analyze data consistently to ensure we’re on top of all trends and competition. PPC is an ever-changing process that needs someone to carefully create, manage, and optimize as it evolves.

Your Google Quality Score Affects How Much You Pay!

Within Google Ads, there are hundreds and often thousands of competitors wanting to show simultaneously. Google determines who shows based on an auction that takes place during every single search. The position is determined by the bid/maximum cost-per-click that is set and the quality score. The Quality Score is 10x more important than the bid itself so the key is ensuring you have the best quality score possible. This is done by choosing the right keywords, match type, landing page, structure, and countless other factors. Let UnReal handle the nuances of Quality Score so that your cost-per-click isn’t 10x your competition’s!

3 Important Factors within a Search Campaign

  1. Campaign settings make up the who, where, when, and how much we target.
  2. The keywords determine what we show for and why we are showing.
  3. Quality Scores play a huge role in how much we are paying for clicks.

UNREAL Success Stories

Read our case studies to learn more about how we have helped our customers.

What Does UWM Do to Get the Best PPC Results?

At UnReal, we take the time to understand your business, your customers, and the industry you’re in as a whole. We don’t use template campaigns or use “set and forget” tactics that other PPC companies do. 

We give every campaign the time and effort it deserves in order to be successful. Each campaign receives dedicated attention from one of our experts in order to analyze and optimize as needed.

We provide quality leads, not just more leads. Through testing and data, we are always striving to give our clients a larger ROI and not just more names in a database.

What can you expect working with your dedicated PPC Team at UWM?


A custom PPC strategy for your business, based on your industry and your goals


Extensive keyword research to find the best keywords to bid on that are most likely to result in clicks and conversions


Custom ad creation and landing pages


A/B testing of headlines, ad descriptions, display URLs, and landing pages to develop the most effective messaging for your audience


Continual copy and design optimization and targeting to improve performance


Strategic bidding to maximize your return on ad spend


Campaign assessment, monitoring and updating to ensure performance


Comprehensive reporting focusing on your KPIs

When Should We Start?

Potential customers are searching for your products and services every minute on Google. If you want to reach more customers or grow your business you should start by contacting us today.

Why is UWM the Best?


Clients Served

$3 Billion

in Revenue Generated From Search for Clients

SEO Experts with
 25 Years 
of Experience

30 Million

SEO Page One Rankings Acquired

Google & Bing

Premier Partner

Successfully Servicing Businesses Online Since 1997

We`ve been using Unreal Marketing for our SEO and PPC campaigns for about 3 years now. We are pleased with their efforts on all fronts. This agency is professional, responsive and they are on top of their game. We have top five rankings in 80% of the keywords we hired them to optimize. Our organic traffic triple in about 10 months and website conversions increased dramatically. Our acquisition cost is now the lowest it has been in years due to A/B testing strategy, landing page design and keyword research. We have recommended them to other companies in the past and would gladly continue to do so in the future.

Joseph Rosenberg

Law Offices of Joesph Rosenberg

We use UnReal Web SEO for our online marketing, website design, SEO and pay per click management. In the last few years they have helped us achieve top rankings and lower customer acquisition cost. We’ve referred them to many of our friends that own businesses and everyone has been thrilled. Thanks for helping us increase our online exposure UnReal!


David Clausen

Coastal Insurance

Our website conversions have dramatically increased since UnReal Web redesigned our landing pages. Their A/B testing techniques helped us discover new ways to market to our online prospects.

Lauren Popek

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