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UnReal Web specializes in search engine optimization to improve visibility & increase traffic to your dental practice’s website.


of consumers use search engines when looking for dental treatment information.


of local mobile searches result in a visit to a physical location within 7 days.

more likely that users from active searches will become patients rather than those who find you through other forms of marketing.

If You’re Not First, You’re Last.

If you want more sales from the web, you need to be on page one of the search engines because 75% of searchers never search beyond page one.

SEO For Dental Practices – Improve Organic Reach

Quality Leads

Leads generated from search have the highest probability to convert because they are actively searching for the dental services you provide. 


We handle all facets of your web marketing programs, including strategy, launch, analysis, and, management.

Brand Equity

When your domain appears organically on Page One, and ahead of your competition, it produces significant brand equity and trust as a market leader.


We have a proven track record of continuously delivering successful programs that are tangible and trackable.


Our clients typically experience a 150% return on their investment in our web marketing programs.

How We Grow Visibility in the Dental Market

Where Will You Rank On Local Searches?

Relevant Dental Search Term

Your site should appear for relevant dental searches by local searchers.

Pay-Per-Click Position

This represents the top page search position for your target keyword.

SEO Organic Position

This represents the top organic search position for your target keyword.

Google Local 3-Pack

Top 3 local results from relevant phrases (Dentists near me, Dental Practices, etc.)

Rich Snippet

This represents additional information of value about your business.

SEO for Dental Practices

Our systematic approach to search will weighten your brand visibility & generate Page One rankings for your construction company during relevant local searches.

SEO Essentials Dental Practices Need to Achieve Online Success


All of our designs incorporate best practices, ensuring an optimal user and search experience.


Strong structure ensures overall peak performance and search rankings.


Comprehensive keyword and market analysis provides intel for strategy and budget.


Content reassures your audience and search engines of your authority and relevancy in the marketplace.


Local Profiles

Actionable insights are derived from analytics that identifies site progress and necessary improvements.


Links reinstate the relevance and authority of your website within your target markets.

Page Credibility

Establishes the uniqueness and credibility of each page for visitors and search engines.


Essential to drive higher engagements, brand equity, search relevancy, and domain authority.

Our SEO Programs Will Attract New Clients to Your Dental Practice 3 Ways: Designing a Modern Website, Increasing Your SEO Rankings & Optimizing Web Conversions.

We’ll Track Your SEO Results Every Step of the Way!

Gain Clarity Through Accurate Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting packages produce actionable insights that further inform our experts on the most appropriate and effective tactics.

Why is SEO for Dental Practices Important?

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest the Same Level of Care in SEO as You Do Teeth

Much like a patient maintaining his oral hygiene, the level of care you’re willing to invest in improving the performance of your dental office’s website determines the longevity of your practice. Consider a casual patient who doesn’t regularly schedule dental cleanings. By not implementing a course of action to keep his smile bright, he risks losing many—if not all—of his teeth. Worse yet, he is far more prone to developing a serious illness later in life.

Website optimization works the same way.

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts internet traffic to your website directly from search engines. When a potential patient wakes up with a toothache, she searches “best dentist near me” on her smartphone. If your dental practice doesn’t maintain a strong foothold online, the patient schedules an appointment with your competitor, and you miss out on what could have been a long-term patient. If you lost one potential patient, you could surely lose many more. This trend can lead to a decrease in revenue and ultimately impact the longevity of your cherished dental practice.


1. You Care About Your Website's Visibility as Much as Your Patient's Smile.

If you want to attract more patients and increase revenue, your dental practice needs better visibility online. The best way of achieving greater visibility is by ranking higher on search engines. It’s simple: if your dental practice isn’t first, it’s last. Because potential patients are actively searching for relief from their dental pain on the internet, you need to invest in an SEO program to win a page one ranking every time. Even if you’re dental office is already on popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it is worth noting that SEO drives 1000% more traffic than social media.

Investing in SEO is your clearest path to becoming the most popular dental practice within your community. Since your dental office is more likely to serve patients locally, it is imperative that your dental practice also focus on local SEO. According to Think with Google, 30% of all mobile searches are related to location and 76% of people who search on smartphones are looking to visit a nearby business within a day. Potential patients are literally a fingertip within your reach.

2. Optimizing Your Website Is Not Only Great for Visibility, but Also Your Reputation.

You carry a good relationship with your patients, and your page ranking should reflect that! Potential patients are not only searching for immediate dental pain relief but also trustworthy dental offices where they will continue to seek care long after their first visit. To potential patients, a page one ranking on search engines is a sign of trustworthiness. Do you want to build confidence in the public’s perception of your dental practice? Then consider investing in an SEO strategy. Why? When people feel that a search engine trusts your dental practice, they will confidently reciprocate that feeling. The higher you rank, the more credible you appear. SEO is crucial to your practice maintaining a positive online image, and a second search page ranking can shrink your reputation. Ultimately, a professional-looking website instills confidence in a dental practice. The online face of your practice should be just as a nice, clean, and well-kept as the waiting room inside your dental office.

As a trustworthy dental practice, you strive to ensure that your patients feel safe regarding their decision to go with your business. Yes, the reviews are important and factor heavily into your search page ranking. In case you didn’t know, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You wouldn’t want to diminish the hard work you and your team put in to earn a five-star rating online by not optimizing your website and reserving a first page rank.

3. You're Investing In the Longevity of Your Business.

Over half of all website traffic is driven by organic search.

The outcome of an effective SEO strategy is increased traffic going straight to your website. How does this strategy work? The primary focus of website optimization is creating content with keyword-related title tags. For example, if a potential patient looks up “tooth pain” on Google, this short tail keyword will generate a first page with the most relevant websites at the top. The most relevant websites produce the greatest amount of optimized content with matching keywords and backlinks on their web page.

Keywords like “dental implants,” “tooth pain,” and “oral care” are more competitive because of their search volume. The use of long-tail keywords such as “discreet teeth whitening treatment for very famous, good looking famous celebrities” is a common SEO strategy. Long-tail keywords cost less because they are less competitive, and your business can capitalize on that fact.

Here’s a hypothetical example. A potential patient searches, “tooth pain after three months.” If your website promotes optimized content, it is more likely to see higher click-through rates because the question is more specific. When performed effectively, these methods increase web traffic funneled through your website. Although pay-per-click (PPC) is a valuable tool in digital marketing because it targets users who are ready to purchase your services, SEO is a more cost-effective method because organic search generates your site traffic. Consider that the first five organic results account for 67% of all the clicks, meaning potential patients don’t bother scrolling past the first results page. Optimizing your content means you’re earning potential will skyrocket.

Why Go With SEO?

The best way to increase revenue is to rank first on Google searches. Potential patients are doing a tremendous amount of online research before they ever reach out to your practice. If your practice isn’t listed on the first page of keyword searches, then you’re falling behind the competition. Implementing a systematic search engine optimization (SEO) program solidifies your reputation within the community, increases traffic, and builds better visibility and credibility for your dental office.

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I hired UnReal Web Marketing 5 Years ago for our SEO. David and his team helped us get better Google local rankings and until this day, we are still showing on the top listings for the keywords we purchased. This company also developed 3 websites for us and they have done an “unreal” job.

Joey Zee

Unreal designed and optimized our site to achieve better rankings and increase our conversion ratios.Our rankings have improved dramatically. I did not realize how important it is to hire a company that knows SEO to develop your site.

Douglas Vairo

We were undertaking a large redevelopment of our website and noticed a dramatic change in traffic as a result, so we got in touch with David Montalvo from UnReal Web for a complete website site SEO audit and report to ensure our online visibility didn’t suffer.
The Unreal staff had no issues getting to know not only our business, but our industry as well. We’ve since implemented a number of changes as a direct result of the report. I would happily recommend Unreal Web. Their knowledge, efficiency and transparency were welcoming traits to work with.

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SEO Packages for Dental Practices

SEO Features

Site Audit 
Keyword Research  10 search terms 25 search terms 50 search terms
Keyword Optimization  3 keywords 7 keywords 15 keywords
Internal Link Development  25 contextual links 35 contextual links 50 contextual links
Backlink Implementation  5 external links 10 external links 15 external links
Speed Optimization 
Content Development  1 press release (annually) 2 press releases (annually) 3 press releases (annually)
Content Optimization  up to 4 pages up to 10 pages up to 20 pages
National SEO Development 20 submissions 40 submissions 60 submissions
Social Advertising  N/A 20K  monthly impressions 50K  monthly impressions
Image Optimization  20 images 40 images 60 images
Meta Tags & Descriptions  10 25 50
Google Analytics Tracking Setup 
Report Package 
Pricing $1,999/month Custom Quote Custom Quote


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