SEO is an important and powerful tool for B2B marketers. But many businesses do not know where to start when it comes to SEO. It’s time to get on the ground floor with SEO in order to make sure that you’re maximizing all avenues for B2B lead generation. If you’re a B2B marketer, it is key to boost traffic and conversions from organic sources like online searches.

Today, many consumers and business professionals prefer to research about products and services on their own before contacting a company or making a purchase decision. The good news: relevant and compelling content marketing helps brands rank higher in search engine results pages which means more traffic and leads – 67% better than those who don’t blog at all. That’s why it’s import to start your company’s B2B SEO today.

In the B2B realm, many of your competitors are still hesitant to use SEO

While it is true that the competition and marketing success of consumer brands are at an all-time high online, many business-to-business (B2B) keyword terms are still underutilized by B2B companies. The hesitation from businesses stems largely from misconceptions about what they think will work or how much time it takes to see results. However, once these fears are overcome there can be tremendous gains made through optimizing content for search engines. Not only does optimization create brand awareness it also helps generate leads!

Keywords and Content

How can you check if your website is currently ranking for keywords in your industry? The first thing you should do to find search result rankings is make sure that the playing field on Google is level. Start by examining a depersonalized view of the keyword, which strips any pre-existing bias you might have in your personal history with it. This creates an unbiased search where you can analyze how people are interacting with that content online.

After you have completed a depersonalized search, begin to research where your website shows up on relevant search queries in comparison to your competitors. The ability to answer your prospects’ and customers’ common questions online is a huge opportunity for any brand. By doing so, you can make yourself authoritative on the subject of whatever question they have asked. It doesn’t matter if it’s about what product has certain features or why their favorite type of sports team stinks–if you are an expert in that area then people will turn to you before anyone else when looking up answers.


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SEO is a valuable tool to help increase the reach of your B2B content

Content is your best chance to build trust and confidence with buyers. Content for B2B specifically gives them the assurance that you are knowledgeable, competent, and trustworthy in their eyes.

It is easy to get lost in the crowd without combining content creation with SEO. Combining these two aspects of marketing can take your business from average to something special, as it will ensure that every asset you create has a larger reach and more value than before.

Thinks to factor in when beginning your content optimization are:

Creating the right content: You need to know who your audience is before you can create the right content for them. For instance, a CIO will be more interested in the tech specs of a product while a CIO may want more information about pricing and product update costs.

Determining Keywords: The decision of what keywords to input when searching is dependent upon the level at which users are looking. Initial searches may require very broad terms, such as “paper companies in Pennsylvania” while other searchers will know precisely what they want and search accordingly with more specific words like “paper companies in Pennsylvania who make 80lb linen white stock.”

Search Intent: Google’s algorithms are now so advanced that keywords alone will not do the trick. Content creators need to consider who their audience is and what they want from a search engine before crafting content, because different audiences require very specific information presented in unique ways.

Keep in mind that there are as many different types of decision makers out there and each one has their own interests.


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Always Consider Mobile When Creating B2B Content

The way we market our products has changed dramatically over the years. More and more, consumers are reaching for their phones to complete almost every task: from reading emails at work, ordering groceries online when they’re hungry on a Friday night, or even looking up directions while driving down unfamiliar streets.

While many business professionals work on a desktop at work, they still use smartphones and tablets — especially after work. Without optimizing your website’s design and content layout for different screen sizes, you may miss out on potential purchasers who research products off-hours.


It’s Never To Late to Start Using SEO

The best time to start focusing on B2B SEO is now. In this era of content marketing, you need a complete strategy if you want to make sure you are getting your market share and capturing and converting leads online.  Search engine optimization will help you achieve those goals. If you need help with your SEO program, please take a look at our SEO Packages.


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