Like it or not, SEO is an essential part of any digital strategy, and if you’re looking for online success, it’s not one that should be left behind.

Many businesses have SEO on their to-do list, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting the attention it deserves, and that may be because many business owners don’t entirely understand WHY SEO is so important.

Read on to discover why SEO is essential to the success of your business, and what value it can offer you (beyond visibility).

Improved User Experience

SEO & User Experience

In its essence, SEO aims to create a strong, well-designed website with quality content and excellent user experience. SEO makes your website easy to find, easy to use, and ultimately provides your visitors with the service or information they’re looking for without a hassle.

These qualities don’t only improve your search ranking – they also make for a better user experience, which means your all-important clients will be happier with the service you provide. Satisfied clients, happy business owners.

Trust & Credibility

Anyone can build a website these days – so how do you stand out from the noise? High ranking websites have some similar qualities: they have positive user behavior, optimized on-page elements, and a quality backlink profile, which makes them credible, authoritative sources of information in their industries.

These same qualities that make a website SEO friendly also improve the credibility of the website, and thus of your brand. The authority that puts your website high in the search ranking is the same that leads customers looking for information to trust your company’s offerings.

Increased Conversions

Organice Search & Trust

Working on SEO is about creating a better website structure that makes it easier for bots to crawl, which also makes your website easier for your human customers to use. So, at the same time, you’re upping your SEO ante, you’ll be improving the conversion rate of your website, naturally.

SEO’s goal is to optimize your website for engagement and traffic flow – which also means that you’re more likely to get users to your end goal. Whether that end goal is an online purchase, an inquiry, hitting the contact page or simply clicking on a product, quality SEO – aka a well-designed, easy to use, highly informative site – will help get your users there.

Organic Search Still Rules

Organic search is still, in most cases, the primary source of website traffic for the majority of websites, and it’s a huge part of most website’s performance stats. Organic search is also an essential part of the purchase funnel – and about 75% of the search world these days is owned by Google.

Following Google’s SEO rules isn’t just a way to get more visibility in search, however. It also means you’ll also get better listings in Google Map searches, on Google’s My Business section, and in Gmail emails. Being highly visible in Google’s universe isn’t just great for searches – it adds credibility and that’s always going to work in your brand’s favor.

Increasing Real-Time Traffic

Local SEO works to improve your digital footprint inside of a specific, geographic region – be it a town, city, or even state – to make your brand more visible amongst local searchers. Thanks to the prevalence of mobile internet users, local search rankings are taking over the digital strategy of small and medium-sized businesses.

Regionally targeted searches aren’t just about driving web traffic, either. Local SEO can increase the number of physical visits to your brick-and-mortar location, too. High local search rankings will help new customers find your business quickly and easily, getting them one step closer to a purchase transaction.

It’s Low Cost, High Reward

Sure, optimizing your website does take some effort, so if you don’t feel you have enough bandwidth, consider hiring a reputable SEO company. Compared to purchasing keywords, SEO is relatively inexpensive, and the payoff can be huge. Great SEO isn’t a simple marketing cost – it’s an investment in the well-being of your business. So giving it the time, attention, and resources, it deserves, will only lead to bigger and better successes in your business’s future.