It’s true that you will need to make some changes to your internet marketing strategy in 2017, but in general things will remain the same. For instance, it’s still vital that you engage with your audience on social media, but don’t forget about offering high quality customer support as well. However, this year you should expect certain upgrades to the usual internet techniques. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the way you can take the most of these platforms to increase revenue in 2017.

Top 4 ways you should use to revamp your social media strategy

1. Make the most of messaging

Excellent customer support is highly recommended if you want to develop a loyal customer base. Aside from free shipping and money back guarantees, you should also tap into social media as a client care channel.

Based on research from JD Power, it seems that 67% of consumers visit websites such as Facebook and Twitter for customer care. Meanwhile, Nielsen reported that thirty three percent consumers would like to be able to contact brands via social media instead of via phone. However, the truth is that engaging customers via social media is time consuming and also difficult. For example, on Facebook it would take a long time to sift through the comments to check for complaints or suggestions. To make this easier, using a messenger application is highly recommended. This way, you can easily engage with clients 1 on 1. If you want, you can also use emoticons to suite every client personality and taste.

If you want to also save time on repetitive actions, then you can easily automate tedious responses using messenger bots. For instance, you can add an automatic greeting when someone engages you. Some brands already use this technique, including 1800 Flowers and Whole Foods Market.

2. Paid content should be used alongside Search Engine Optimization

This year content marketing will grow even more. This means you need to continue producing high quality video and text content. To boost distribution, you may also want to leverage paid content. What’s great about paid content these days is that it’s more tailored to the platforms where they’re advertised and specifically targeted towards user preferences. We generally recommend paid content to startups and small local businesses, but at the same time it’s also great for seasonal campaigns.

3. Experiment with new social media features

Updates will certainly be launched at least 1 a year and that’s because social media is quite dynamic. These updates will of course make the whole experience that much better for both customer and brand. As a company, you should make the most of them by finding a way to leverage them to engage with your clients.

For example, if you’re on Instagram, then you can use the Stories feature to promote gorgeous full screen ads.

Therefore, if you’re active on a social media platform, we highly recommend that you explore it and learn more about each and every function it offers. Try to learn more about them and include them in your marketing strategy. Soon enough, you’ll be rewarded for your effort with a great increase in loyal customers.

4. Active interaction is very important

Customer engagement is a vital part of any successful social media strategy. If users don’t interact with your posts or content, then it may be due to the fact that you’re making some mistakes.

Check out your platform’s analytics and see what the numbers say. You need to analyze the pattern and then come up with ways to improve your marketing strategy. You should also check the response rate and how long it takes you to respond to customer comments, complaints, and questions. If you’re very responsive, then your engagement rate will also be very high.


Approximately 81% of medium sized and small businesses are currently using social media for growth and sales and you should also do the same. Not only do we recommend you set up accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but you also need to learn more about how to leverage them to improve your reputation, client engagement, customer satisfaction, and bottom line.
Before using a social media strategy for your company, always ask yourself whether it will provide any value. If the answer is no, then change it. If the answer is yes though, then work harder to make your methods even more effective. After all, it’s 2017 so you need to be smarter about using social media to grow your business.