Let us demonstrate the real importance of social media marketing and the type of online marketing services we provide to make sure you stay ahead of the pack

Why is Social Media Important?

Let us start at the basics. AMA (American Marketing Association) describes marketing as a process or activity that has to do with the creation, communication and delivery of offerings that are valuable to customers.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, aims at building a brand and increasing its visibility by building interrelationships and communicating with potential clients. Therefore the two concepts appear to be closely related to each other.

It is undeniable that social networks are one of the world’s fastest growing sectors. But with an estimated annual growth rate of 25 percent in the next 5 years, this is certainly the right time to invest in social media in case you have not done it by now.

Examples of Social Media Networking Sites

Because of the exponential growth of the internet marketing industry, numerous social and digital media networking sites have sprung up, with each one of them having unique objectives and characteristics. Here is a brief description of a few of them:



Boasting of 1.55 billion active users, this is the largest and possibly the most powerful social network on the globe. Regardless of the size of your business you must be on Facebook having positive engagement with your customers. Dubbed the in the moment’ platform, this network has 255 million active users. It is the ideal marketing tool if your business wants to interact with people (and it is prepared to get a reply). The secret of using it effectively is to be fast and smart.



Images are powerful, and this visual platform allows users to post comment and share via digital media. Over time, Instagram has proved itself to be quite adaptable and innovative. This is this is considered to be a social marketing site for professionals. It mainly concentrates on b2b marketing (business-to-business), as opposed to b2c marketing (business-to-consumer).

Other social network sites of note include YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare , Google + and Snapchat. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you have a social media presence but you lack the right strategy and plan, this can have adverse effects on your business. We have developed a checklist that can help to strengthen your social media marketing strategy and streamline your internet marketing activities:

  • Set your goals – Start by thinking big and then narrow it down. Ask yourself if you need to enhance customer loyalty.
  • Understand your target customers. Use demographics and then look at psychographics.
  • Select the digital media you will use to relate with your audience. This can be a video, podcast, blog and so on.
  • Choose a Social Network Strategy. Concentrate on a network that will add value. A social network may have over one hundred million users, but it may not contribute to the objectives of your brand.
  • Conduct Assessment and Testing. Determine what constitutes success for you. You must continually review your social media strategy in order to understand its effectiveness. Engaging with your audience will reveal what is effective and what is not.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Some people might have recognized that social media marketing is what they need to connect to customers. But if you are still thinking about going into social media marketing, consider the facts below:

Social media marketing raises awareness about your brand.78 percent of small enterprises use social media to draw in new customers. Moreover, 1 out of every 3 customers has stated they use social media to find new products and services.

Social media helps in brand validation. A well structured social media presence tells customers that their brand is dynamic and focused on consumer interaction.63 percent of people who search for business on the internet are more inclined to go for the ones with a helpful social media presence.

Social media marketing can enhance customer loyalty. 71 percent of consumers who got a quick response to queries on social media platforms would endorse the brand to others.