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The importance of updating your website regularly cannot be overstated. Potential clients will be attracted to a site that is engaging and easily navigable .The three main elements that you need to concentrate on as you update your website are:

  • Website security
  • Fresh content
  • Website design


SSL-Website-designIn today’s world, security ought to be one of the main priorities for any business, regardless of its size. Instances of hacking and infiltration of sensitive data have become all too common. When this happens to your business, customers may lose trust and move to your competitors because they may think that the breach will occur again.

Select a website platform that is secure

One major reason for websites getting hacked is building them on a platform and structure that is vulnerable. Besides being an easy platform to use, WordPress stands out as one of the most secure platforms for any business site . It gets regular updates and redesigning your site is fairly easy. In addition, each update incorporates robust security features.

Before any release, all security vulnerabilities are highlighted and sealed before they can affect your website. But any site that uses older versions of WordPress is likely to be targeted by hackers who can penetrate through indirect access ways.

Go for a company that prioritizes website security

Ensure that the firm you select to build or host your site gives the security of your site the highest priority. You especially need to ensure that your website’s backend is properly configured in order to avert security breaches.

Your web-hosting company must be proactive when dealing with website security issues. Ask them how often they update the WordPress version you are using, and if they provide frequent data backup services. This simplifies the recovery and restoration process in case of any problems or data breaches.


long-island-web-designHaving website content that is updated can be beneficial to your business in several ways:

High quality content generates more user traffic

Maintaining web content that is updated frequently builds trust between your business and the clients. This means your clients will probably depend on your site when they are searching for useful information that pertains to your market or industry. In addition, it helps to boost the domain authority of your site when it comes to specific topics. Google puts a high premium on information that is well-researched and relevant when providing search results to users.

Having outdated content can give the impression that you do not keep abreast of the latest trends in your industry, and this will greatly damage your credibility.

Update keywords too

It is also useful to update the keywords in your website. You need to mention the keywords if there are webpages on your site that feature a particular topic .For instance if you are in the business of repairing air conditioners, there should be a page focusing on this on your website. You can also create particular pages for specific cities or markets .When you add new markets or new services, remember to update both the keywords and the content. Failure to do this means you will continue to get traffic only for the old services or markets, leaving out the new ones.


Website updates long islandA lot of businesses concentrate solely on internet and content marketing and forget to work on the navigation and design of their website. To ensure that you retain your customers while attracting new ones, always avoid having a site that has unattractive colors, tedious client contact forms and a hard-to-navigate design.

Mobile-optimized web design

Today, 60% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices such as Tablets, iPads, iPhones and Android phones. Consequently, you may lose over half of your potential clients if your site is not mobile-friendly and optimized for small screens.

Always focus on the target market

The design of a website should be focused on satisfying the customer’s needs. So the content must be engaging, easy to access and beneficial to the target customer. In addition, it should enable conversion of website visitors into clients. Since the dynamics of the target market can change as the business grows and you hire new workers or buy new business tools, ensure that you modify your website content appropriately.


We live in a dynamic environment where almost everything is continually being updated in the monthly basis. As a business owner, you need to have fresh and relevant content for your prospects as well as clients.