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Reach Marketing announced that it has acquired UnReal Web Marketing

Reach Marketing announced that it has acquired UnReal Web Marketing

Pearl River, NY, April 3, 2019– Today, Reach Marketing announced that it has acquired UnReal Web Marketing’s award-winning search, social media, web design, and digital analytics business. UnReal Web Marketing will remain a separate company and help power the strategy and software behind Reach Marketing’s SEO, PPC, social media, User Experience (UX) and marketing automation programs.

Greg Grdodian, CEO at Reach Marketing said, “We’re very pleased to add UnReal Web Marketing to our corporate family. They’ve quickly become a respected provider, earning a stellar reputation as a leading specialist in local and national search solutions, including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Web Design and E-Commerce marketing.”

“Marketers’ singular pressing need today is for profitable growth using optimal technologies. We’re excited to offer clients our combined resources and value-added technologies backed by the strong management team we’ve built together,” says Wayne Roberts, Reach Marketing’s President.

Roberts added “Working with UnReal as it becomes part of Reach Marketing’s performance marketing agency will expand our mission critical services and help us deliver key search expertise and technologies to our customers worldwide.”

David Montalvo, UnReal Web Marketing’s original founder will continue as the company’s VP, Web Marketing Services to lead its next stage of growth. He stated, “I’m very impressed with Reach Marketing’s deep technology and management bench, and the deliberate steps it has taken to become a leader in enterprise-scale technology solutions. Our position in the marketplace coupled with massive growth within search and social provides a quick path to expand the business. I’m looking forward to working with their talented team to provide innovative search solutions to its customers and help them achieve greater success.”

The new company will be known as UnReal Web Marketing, a Reach Marketing Company.

For more information about Reach Marketing and the company’s full range of data enrichment, lead generation, email marketing, database architecture, SEO/PPC, web design and sales and marketing automation solutions, contact Greg Grdodian or call 1.855.TO-REACH.

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About Reach Marketing

Based in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, Reach Marketing ranks among the largest independent providers of customer data platforms, full-service email marketing, and search automation solutions helping to drive web and mobile traffic and engagement for leading brands worldwide.

Reach Marketing is a customer-driven, omni-channel marketing firm fueled by best-in-class technology supported by its proprietary MARKETING AI®. Reach Customer Data Platform solutions enable marketers to acquire and retain customers using effective digital marketing channels, improving user experience through web design and full-service email marketing, data enrichment assets, CRM, marketing automation and ROI analytics. Reach customers include leading brands in the E-Commerce, Health Care, Financial Services, Wholesale, High Tech, Training, and Media industries.

Reach Marketing and MARKETING AI are registered trademarks of Reach Marketing, LLC.

As Facebook Shifts Instagram Emerges As A New Home For Brands

As Facebook Shifts Instagram Emerges As A New Home For Brands

Instagram has proven to be extremely innovative

Over time, Instagram has proved itself to be quite adaptable and innovative. For example it copied and mainstreamed the Snapchat stories’ concept, and in the process increased the number of its users by over 300 million. The platform has also been quick to adopt other functionalities, including live video and Snapchat-themed selfie filters. In addition, in the past few years, it has adopted an algorithm-based news feed just like Facebook. This gives advertisers and developers more control over what users are able to view. For businesses, Instagram’s knack for continuous reinvention will potentially pay off due to the projected steady growth of its users in future.

Whereas Facebook enjoys more reach because it has more users, Instagram is peerless when it comes to engagement a more important metric. Engagement is the extent of how the user interacts with the posted content, for example how much they share, like and comment. Research indicates that Instagram’s engagement rate is three times that of Facebook. To put these numbers in better perspective, the engagement rate of Twitter is one thirtieth that of Instagram.

The difference in engagement rates is attributable to Instagram’s visual DNA. The human brain can process visual content more efficiently, and the content is retained for longer periods when compared to text content. Even better, most of the engagements is positive because Instagram does not have a dislike’ button.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is welcoming brand content

Facebook’s decision to control brand content came about because people complained about excessive commercialization by businesses. But on Instagram, branded content does not feel as intrusive. Basically, a beautiful image remains that way, whether it is from a company or from a friend.

From recent indications, Instagram is intensifying its support for brands. Using the explore’ tab, companies and people can connect outside their circle, and this presents limitless marketing opportunities. Instagram has also ventured into the inn-app shopping arena where businesses are able to tag products in the posts they put up on the platform.

Instagram ad tools have improved tremendouslyReaching Customers With Instagram

Businesses on Instagram are now able target customers with the same precision and simplicity that made Facebook the king of targeted ads. As a result the number of advertisers, who mainly comprised of small and medium-sized businesses, increased by 100 percent last year to stand at 2 million. It is projected that Instagram’s advertising revenues will triple by the year 2019 to stand at $11 billion, which means business that get in now will be ahead of their competitors and are likely to stand out.

More advanced Instagram business tools are on the way

Recently, Instagram updated its Application Programming Interface (API), which essentially means new Instagram tools, especially those made by third parties, are on the way. Businesses will then have the capacity to post and measure results more efficiently.

A similar update in earlier times helped to turn Twitter and Facebook into critical marketing channels for businesses. User-friendly tools allowed companies to program multiple posts and measure the resultant engagement without needing to scroll through and analyze individual feeds. The new Instagram API will also be a game changer in the same manner.

However it is important to remember Facebook owns Instagram, and it still remains an important platform for companies to connect with their target audiences. Almost a third of the human race use Facebook ,and the ad revenue of Instagram is still far less than that of Facebook. But for any business that is seeking to enhance connections with its customers, it is increasingly important to adopt a complementary approach. Instagram has come of age, and its capacity to innovate and enhanced user engagement means it will continue to be an important platform in the days ahead.

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important For Your Business

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important For Your Business

Long Island Social Media Marketing


Social media offers amazing benefits that enables businesses to connect with millions of customers across the globe, and as a result it has become one of the most critical elements of digital marketing. If you are not employing this valuable resource, you are passing up a great opportunity to promote your services or products to prospects in the daily basis.


Enhanced brand awareness


Social media is an extremely valuable and stress-free platform that can boost the visibility of your business. To start using it, build your business social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus, etc)  and begin to network with other people and “boost” your post or marketing message whenever you can to target a specific market or demographics. Employing a social media strategy will greatly enhance your brand recognition. After spending a couple of hours every week, more than 91% of marketers reported that their social marketing endeavors boosted the visibility of their brand and improved user experience. A social media page will definitely promote your business and it can quickly create a wider business audience if used regularly.




Social media marketing is probably the most affordable advertising strategy for a business. It does not cost anything to create an account and sign up for nearly all social platforms. Most of these platforms are very affordable and the ROI is ridiculous. We have managed accounts for clients where the acquisition cost for a lead was $0.73. Make sure you are using the right “call to actions” on your ad content and that your landing page works well on desktop and mobile devices.


Increased Customer Engagement


Social media offers a great way of interacting and engaging with clients and prospects. Constant communication with your audience increases the likelihood of making a conversion or sale. Having a conversation with your target audience enables you to cater to their needs effectively. It also allows you to deliver your brand message and widen your reach for pennies.


Enhanced Brand Loyalty


Connecting with customers on social media allows you to enhance your customer retention and loyalty. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are interrelated. Engaging your customers also increases the bond you have with them.


More Customer Satisfaction


Social media is instrumental for networking and communication. it is a platform that creates a voice for your business and promotes the overall image of your brand. Customers get personalized replies to their comments on your page, and this gives them a positive signal regarding your business.


Facebook Marketing Campaign


Better Understanding of the Marketplace


The marketplace awareness provided by social media gives you a chance to learn the needs of your customers. By looking at your analytics, you will be able to find which ads or promotions are the ones with the highest performance. If a specific promotion generated over 8% CTR to your site, you know that the ad copy and call to action(s) were effective. Anything under 2% CTR you should keep testing.


Stronger Brand Authority


When you post original content and reply to customer’s posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., those interactions will help you build a positive company image. Frequent interactions with your clients indicate you care about them, and grateful and genuine customers will reciprocate by sharing your product or service to others.


More Website Traffic


Social media also helps boost your website traffic. When you share useful content, clients as well as prospects will “share” your post or tweets with their friends. This action will translate to more direct visits to your site. Just make sure the page you are using for your promotion has the right call to actions or message that will tell visitors what they need to do next.


Higher SEO Rankings


Social media also helps your organic rankings. Search engines are aware of active and real accounts linked to a specific domain name. Having an active account(s) with fresh content will help your positioning.




How To Be Social Media Smart In 2017

How To Be Social Media Smart In 2017

It’s true that you will need to make some changes to your internet marketing strategy in 2017, but in general things will remain the same. For instance, it’s still vital that you engage with your audience on social media, but don’t forget about offering high quality customer support as well. However, this year you should expect certain upgrades to the usual internet techniques. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the way you can take the most of these platforms to increase revenue in 2017.

Top 4 ways you should use to revamp your social media strategy

1. Make the most of messaging

Excellent customer support is highly recommended if you want to develop a loyal customer base. Aside from free shipping and money back guarantees, you should also tap into social media as a client care channel.

Based on research from JD Power, it seems that 67% of consumers visit websites such as Facebook and Twitter for customer care. Meanwhile, Nielsen reported that thirty three percent consumers would like to be able to contact brands via social media instead of via phone. However, the truth is that engaging customers via social media is time consuming and also difficult. For example, on Facebook it would take a long time to sift through the comments to check for complaints or suggestions. To make this easier, using a messenger application is highly recommended. This way, you can easily engage with clients 1 on 1. If you want, you can also use emoticons to suite every client personality and taste.

If you want to also save time on repetitive actions, then you can easily automate tedious responses using messenger bots. For instance, you can add an automatic greeting when someone engages you. Some brands already use this technique, including 1800 Flowers and Whole Foods Market.

2. Paid content should be used alongside Search Engine Optimization

This year content marketing will grow even more. This means you need to continue producing high quality video and text content. To boost distribution, you may also want to leverage paid content. What’s great about paid content these days is that it’s more tailored to the platforms where they’re advertised and specifically targeted towards user preferences. We generally recommend paid content to startups and small local businesses, but at the same time it’s also great for seasonal campaigns.

3. Experiment with new social media features

Updates will certainly be launched at least 1 a year and that’s because social media is quite dynamic. These updates will of course make the whole experience that much better for both customer and brand. As a company, you should make the most of them by finding a way to leverage them to engage with your clients.

For example, if you’re on Instagram, then you can use the Stories feature to promote gorgeous full screen ads.

Therefore, if you’re active on a social media platform, we highly recommend that you explore it and learn more about each and every function it offers. Try to learn more about them and include them in your marketing strategy. Soon enough, you’ll be rewarded for your effort with a great increase in loyal customers.

4. Active interaction is very important

Customer engagement is a vital part of any successful social media strategy. If users don’t interact with your posts or content, then it may be due to the fact that you’re making some mistakes.

Check out your platform’s analytics and see what the numbers say. You need to analyze the pattern and then come up with ways to improve your marketing strategy. You should also check the response rate and how long it takes you to respond to customer comments, complaints, and questions. If you’re very responsive, then your engagement rate will also be very high.


Approximately 81% of medium sized and small businesses are currently using social media for growth and sales and you should also do the same. Not only do we recommend you set up accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but you also need to learn more about how to leverage them to improve your reputation, client engagement, customer satisfaction, and bottom line.
Before using a social media strategy for your company, always ask yourself whether it will provide any value. If the answer is no, then change it. If the answer is yes though, then work harder to make your methods even more effective. After all, it’s 2017 so you need to be smarter about using social media to grow your business.

6 Tips to Improve Conversions on your Social Media Landing Pages



Using social media to advertise your product or service successfully is no simple task. While it may seem like putting together some good sales copy and coming up with an attractive deal is easy to do, the actual process of converting leads into loyal customers is often an uphill battle.

Your landing pages are critical to your marketing campaign’s success, and this article will outline some of the best strategies for improving your rates of conversion and the quality of the conversions themselves.

Tip 1: Make a Separate Landing Page for Each Social Network.

One of the simplest ways to increase your conversion rate as well as the quality of each conversion is by directing your users to landing pages optimized for the network they are coming from. This allows you to engage your potential customer with greater consistency, mentioning the network that they came from and directing them towards your lead form.

Tip 2: Maintain Visual Continuity Between the Network and the Landing Page.

One of the best visual tricks you can use to gain higher conversion rates is mirroring the landing page layout with the social network your user is coming from. By keeping your Twitter followers on a page designed to resemble Twitter, you avoid creating a jarring sense of visual discomfort.

The key to success in this approach is usually through the way your landing page treats large images. Since these are the most evident elements of your page, you’ll want them to look the same as they do on your social media profile page. The developers of Buffer have an excellent article on their blog that details the ideal image sizes for the most popular social networks and how those networks treat the images.



Tip 3: Optimize Your Lead Generation Form.

If your landing page is designed to get potential leads to sign up for your service, you want to make your lead generation form as simple to navigate as possible. An important rule of thumb is that more questions and fields will results in less conversions; customers simply don’t have the time to answer any more than what is strictly necessary.

Take a look at your current form and ask yourself if you can make it more streamlined. If you are asking for a customer’s first name and last name in separate fields, why not combine them into a simple, “name” field? Are you asking for any information that you can simply find out later, like company names or addresses? Use these questions to create a sign-up form that your customers can fill out in no more than five seconds.

Tip 4: Remove All Distractions.

When it comes to landing page design, minimalism is almost always the best way to go. Social media news feeds are busy places full of distracting content, and you want your landing page to be the opposite. Use large images, avoid unnecessary linking and keep your text to the strict minimum necessary to generate a lead. The landing pages that Go Spaces makes are an excellent example of the benefit this type of interface offers.

Tip 5: Add Chat Functionality.

Depending on your industry, you may benefit from embedding chat functionality on your landing page. Ask yourself whether your product or service seems complicated—do customers often have questions for you?

If the answer is yes, you don’t want to force them to call you on the telephone, since the majority simply won’t bother. Neither do you want them to search for an email address or go back to your social media page where they are at the mercy of the rest of the Internet’s distractions. Use a chat client like Olark to keep them on your page and engaged with you while you put their minds at ease.

Tip 6: Create an Explainer Video or Image Slider.

On the subject of keeping your leads on your page as long as possible, you’ve probably come across whiteboard-style explainer videos in the past. These simple videos give your potential customers a short, simple explanation of what your company does and essentially keep them glued to your landing page for 1-3 minutes, making them much more likely to decide to sign up for whatever you’re selling.

To succeed with this approach, it’s important that your video is of professional quality. As A/B testing service VWO points out in an exhaustive study, poor-quality or excessively technical videos can decrease conversion rates; some companies may enjoy greater benefit from an image slider that shows customers exactly what to expect.