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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been used by many businesses to drive traffic and create results that positively benefit their companies or business. But if you search online with the words ‘is SEO dead?‘, you may be finding yourself confused about whether SEO is good… or bad! What will most likely come up will be the article written by Jayson DeMers of the same title. The article includes DeMers referencing a conversation that he had with Sam McRoberts, who is a CEO of marketing and expert on SEO.

McRoberts admits that SEO is definitely a long ways from dead. He also stated that people need to start thinking of SEO less as a marketing tool, and more as a tool for branding. Huh? Well, one point readers can take away from the article is that SEO is in fact still a powerful asset for companies that is far from the endangered species list. That much is at least clear!

Companies are in fact investing more into SEO than ever, plunging money into creating solid infrastructure on the web that is SEO optimized. The search engine friendly SEO and continued development of algorithms continues to be a reliable way of generating traffic and company awareness. So how exactly does SEO benefit businesses? Read on to find out.

Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Go SEO:

SEO Works!

SEO is still used by so many companies for one simple reason: it works. SEO is effective and creates results, which is why it’s so popular among businesses to create traffic and build profits. The techniques work, and many SEO studies back this up. Although organic traffic data from Google has been pulled recently that may indicate otherwise, SEO is still being used for a reason!

It Is And Will Be Relevant

SEO is not going to stop working anytime soon. Its effectiveness in the present and the likelihood that it will be effective in the future is pretty much guaranteed. What does this mean? Basically, businesses are using it today and they’ll be able to use it tomorrow. It’s relevant to today and it will be relevant to tomorrow, with searches for text, audio, and video all using keywords to generate results. SEO isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s Affordable

SEO is actually much more cost effective and affordable than other types of marketing, whether it’s social media marketing, PPC advertising, purchasing email leads, or other types of marketing. SEO gives a really good return on investment, especially compared to the other marketing options. PPC may generate more revenue and social media may be relevant for your business, but SEO drives results that the others just can’t come up with.

Mobile Device-Driven Traffic

This year, the amount of traffic that will be happening via mobile devices (also known as smart phones) will take over that which is streaming or going to traditional computers. The majority of people who use the Internet is now shifting from home computers and laptops to their mobile phones. What does this mean? Local search optimization will be important and other new SEO techniques will start popping up, meaning more opportunities to reach people.

Market Share Is Being Dominated By Search Engines

With a majority of consumers going online to look at online reviews before buying products or services, organic SEO is more important than ever. Customers search keywords and look up terms in order to find services and goods. If you want them to be guided to your business and not someone else’s, using SEO is key!

You Need A Content Profile

Not having a good content profile is going to translate into losing out on traffic. Search engines use updates to search algorithms to change the way they see sites. That means that social media indicators and other tools such as a content profile need to be in place to have search engines properly evaluate your site and deem it important.

Your Competition Is Using SEO

When your competition is actively using SEO and you are not, someone’s going to lose out, and it won’t be them. SEO is ongoing and needs to be continually taken care of and managed. If you’re not on top of your SEO, another company will be, and they’ll pull ahead of you. Do not let your competition reign unchecked online– get your business up to speed and start creating value (and clicks and customers).

Putting energy into developing organic SEO is more important than ever. Organic traffic is important to keep a company current and generate interest and income. As a business, pursuing SEO is one of the most important things you can do to build your online presence. It’s not only important for marketing, it’s important for branding, too. Going SEO is important for relevance, business health, and if you want to pull ahead of the competition. It’s now or never, and never might be too late. Check out Unreal Web Marketing’s SEO services today and see why so many businesses are already using this tool to stay current… and profitable!