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Considering the fact that the market is saturated and that owning a business has never been more challenging, small companies need to keep themselves updated on the subject of recent trends. By doing so, small business owners can make informed decisions about where the future of their team lies.

Well, if you’re reading about the news regarding the latest tools, plugins, and website trends in general, I’m sure you’ve encountered the term “live chat”. However, and like with making any other decision business-wise, it’s always smart to explore all the advantages before you actually implement a novelty to the way you do business. Therefore, you should learn about the benefits that come with introducing live chat to your website.

Provides Customer Convenience

Everything about your online business card – your website – needs to be according to the needs and wants of your audience. In addition, every improvement and every new trend that appears is based exactly on that – to provide convenience to your customers.

Live chat is a powerful communication channel. Within seconds, a random visitor or your loyal customer, can get in touch with you and ask for help. Via live chat, you can enable your visitors with an option to chat with you, give you a call, and even make a video call. This kind of diversity will be highly appreciated; different customers have their own preferences about what kind of communication they want to establish.

Curtail Expenses

Being a three-in-one communication channel (because it provides chat, call, and video call options), introducing live chat will cut down your expenses. There is no need to have separate channels and have a call center as well.

And another thing – when you add a live chat bar to your website, you don’t have to hire new people because every employee in your team can become a chat agent. With short but efficient training, you’ll just need to give them directions on how to talk to visitors and anyone in the office can answer a new message as it arrives.

Boost Conversions

A small business needs to direct most of their workforce to find new ways to increase sales. Other than various advertising methods which I’m sure you’re constantly testing, you should know that live chat can do that for you.

When a visitor is browsing through your pages and they encounter a product or a service which isn’t clear in its approach, they can easily get first-hand information from experienced professionals – your team members. Not only will they memorize your brand because of the assistance you’re able to provide, but your team can also invest efforts into cross-selling and upselling as well.

Another interesting feature of live chat is that a returning visitor can ask for one of your employees if they have any preferences and, chances are that they will. This is just another way to spread out your circle of loyal customers and make personal connections with your visitors which is always highly appreciated.

Stay ahead of Your Competition

As mentioned before, the market is saturated and no matter your business niche, it’s necessary that you do your best to stand out from the sea of similar businesses. Your content needs to be original, your approach to the way you do business needs to be unique, and – you need to have a live chat.

By providing your visitor with a highly functioning communications medium, maintaining a high response rate and giving professional assistance for any problem that may appear, you will be able to gather more customers who will return to your brand.

Naturally, for this to happen, a learning curve will be necessary. Your support agents will need to go through short but efficient training in order to be capable of communicating with your visitors. However, another great thing about live chat is that your agents can complement each other. If a dedicated agent receives a question that’s beyond their area of expertise, they can just direct a potential customer to one of their colleagues.

Enables Quality Improvement in products and services

It’s necessary for a small business to constantly improve their list of products or services and bring them to perfection. For this to happen, it’s a must to conduct thorough researches which are time-taking and require additional analysis afterwards.

With live chat, your team will be able to gather precise data first-hand. While talking to your target audience directly, you’ll be able to notice a pattern and see which questions are repetitive or which item on your website has a purpose that’s unclear to your visitors.

When you have all of this data in your hands, it will be easier for your company to improve the products or services. Customizing your offer according to your target audience will definitely increase your sales and enable you to attract more visitors.


Live chat is a tool that should be present in the toolbox of every aspiring small business. Live chats are cost-effective, they are more than convenient to your visitors, and they can enable you to improve your offer. All of this combined will definitely have a positive effect on your whole business and increase your sales significantly. After a short adjustment period and a necessary learning curve, your employees will become capable support agents. Your business will flourish and prosper, and you’ll be able to work on your expansion.

Author Bio:

Jason is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat. He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions.